In the last two years, I received seven job offers, eight if we count the company that offered me two different jobs.  (I only applied for two and accepted several.  We’ll get to that later.)   But I posted my resume and made myself easy to find.  This could happen for you too.

Back in the day, I would shoot out dozens of resumes and either get no response, or weeks would go by before they sent the impersonal email saying they chose someone else.  I had two bouts of unemployment.  Once for nine months and the other for six.  I wasn’t financially strapped (that’s another story), but it was still annoying.  Then something clicked.

I found myself getting job offers and getting paid well.  I started to notice patterns in which companies reached out, unsolicited, which ones responded to my resumes, and which ones paid well.  These were mostly education and IT positions.  Then I moved to sales, specifically selling HR services and software. Then I did a stint as a program manager where the bulk of my time was spent hiring folks.  In doing so, I was exposed to all sorts of tips and tricks.  Some of which, many HR professionals aren’t aware of.

People around me saw what was happening.  Yet, none of them ever asked me if there was anything I was doing that was getting me through the door.  Instead, they focused on trying to copy my resume.  Because of that, I decided to offer my support to a few folks in other industries.  Those folks around me weren’t successful, BTW.